Emena Vip Power

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  • OR HIM & FOR HER 2 DOSES SEXUAL PASSION – Epimedium extract works for both men and women – enjoy this high potency libido booster – increase vitality and virility to improve bedroom performance
  • EFFECTIVE FOR BOTH MALE & FEMALE – Regardless of sex, if you want more drive & better performance, many users consider this the ONLY option for seemingly instant results
  • 21 HERBS – All natural ingredients increase stamina & sexual energy
  • SEXUAL HEALTH – Take Control Of Your Libido
  • FAST ACTION & POWERFUL – The expected effect occurs 30-45 minutes after the use in men. In women, the effect occurs 45 to 60 minutes.

Product description

Horny Goat Weed ( Epimedium, Berberidaceae family) has a legendary history as a natural aphrodisiac, being used for thousands of years Chinese medicine to increase libido and sexual health in both men and women. The properties of the sexual stimulant are due to its main ingredient icariin and 20 herbs. The Vip Herbal Supplement helps to expand the cardiovascular vessels in the penis, resulting in the man getting the maximum erection in addition, it increases the sensitivity of the glans penis and promotes rapid erection in sexual stimulation, In woman, the use of a VIP supplements increases the flow of the vagina, increases sensitivity and facilitates sexual intercourse. Use in men: – Leads to a very strong erection – Impact on the number of sperm – Has a delaying effect – Improves the quantity and quality of ejaculation and sperm count. Use in a woman – Sensitivity of the vagina increases – Moisturizing the vagina is accelerating – Increase female libido – Creased to maximum sexual appetite – Reduces excess mucus Closeup of a couple holding hands